About us

An international language institute in Bremen – the ideal location

Europe Day, 5 May 1997: The Aristoteles Institute opens in Bremen. Back then, the founding concept was to foster international communication from many different perspectives, such as language, regional studies and culture. To this day, this concept has proven to be a great success. The Aristoteles Institute is now one of Bremen’s top establishments for language education in German, English, Greek and Spanish. Its good name attracts students from all over the world to the Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Quality comes first. The Aristoteles Institute is a licensed TestDaF centre (Test of German as a foreign language) as well as a telc-language test centre for every language level from A1 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). We accompany our students at all these levels up to any level test or the TestDaF itself. Afterwards, students are welcome to attend special-purpose courses in the fields of technology, law, medicine, economics and the humanities.

On 1 January 2005, a new Immigration Act providing integration measures for immigrants was passed in Germany. Our integration courses form the basis of such integration measures. The Aristoteles Institute is licensed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) to give integration courses to immigrants of German origin from eastern European States, to foreigners who have been living in Germany for some time, to citizens of the European Union and to other immigrants – leading to the German Test for Immigrants (DTZ).

At the Aristoteles Institute, the students are in the best hands because our motto is: The enjoyment of learning leads to success!



To us quality means to explore present and future educational needs, to agree to learning objectives and to meet the standards expected of the beneficiary. In order to achieve this, we have standardized processes from the initial registration to individual support to the delivery of the certificate. The necessary flexibility is achieved through clear educational, professional and administrative responsibilities.

Highly qualified and experienced instructors teach small groups and specifically prepare their students for the respective exams. They use modern educational materials in order to encourage and support individual learning processes.

We also continuously extend our skills and like to be evaluated by our students. On Fridays, in our meetings, we develop relevant steps to improve certain processes and examine their practical implementation.


We share the joy of teaching and learning in a very pleasant work environment. We respect each other and our differences. We strengthen our cooperation through trust, reliability, mutual respect and support. We share knowledge and experience. We keep each other informed, we cooperate, take responsibility and ensure well-coordinated work. We allow mistakes to become transparent, correct them immediately and resolve their causes. We are outspoken, practice positive and constructive criticism and resolve conflicts at an early stage. Our personal as well as our professional attitude will convince you.


We have had long-term and mutually successful cooperation with our partners as well as clients. We evaluate the results and opportunities of our cooperation together, exchange our experiences and ensure early detection and elimination of problems. We are able to win new partners due to our particular project experience.


Learning languages connects people, is the key to international communication and increases the individual opportunities on the job market. In our classes, we address current and relevant issues such as environmental protection and climate change as a contribution to international understanding according to our motto: Think globally – act locally. We also encourage intercultural tolerance as well as democratic togetherness within our modern society.


To us, innovation means doing new things, doing things differently or not doing certain things the way they used to be done. We find new approaches with courage and creativity. We develop new teaching models due to innovative connections between language and other independent components. In order to increase productivity, we also continuously find new and effective educational possibilities for our different clients from either business or public administration institutions.


We motivate our clients and cooperation partners. We establish networks with organisations and associations. Our students recommend us. We are highly motivated and seize every opportunity to grow professionally and personally. We expand the range of our offers without leaving the core area of language.


Thanos Pantidis

 is the managing director of the Aristoteles Institute. He studied Law and Economics in Thessaloniki and is a licensed examiner for all levels. 

“Identification and enthusiasm are my motivation.”

Anna Weigle-Pantidis

is the organizational and educational head of the Aristoteles Institute. She studied German, Philosophy, and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Hamburg. She is licensed to carry out examinations at all telc levels, including the evaluation of German C1, B2/C1 as well as a licensed examiner and grader for TestDaF. She spends her free time with baroque art, Rembetiko and Bossa Nova. 

“My motto is: Leading an organization is like sailing. We can do nothing against the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Bremen – the ideal location

Here you can graduate from an innovative university, enjoy well-priced housing opportunitiers and celebrate your sucesses in a comfortable atmosphere.

The Free Hanseatic Ciy of Bremen with its tradition of commerce is now a modern and international city.

It advocates progress and individuality. The citizens are proud of their city of many cultures. It is the ideal place for learning German as a Foreign Laguage in a dialect-free way.

The public University of Bremen, the Jacobs University of Bremen, as well as the aviation industry and the harbour form the open gate to the north of Germany.